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Financial Risk Management

A challenging aspect of healthcare is the financial management of the business.  At JLS Advisory Group, our specialty is simplifying complex situations and explaining details in manner suited to the audience.  With strong expertise in financial operations, we assist our clients with a range of financial needs including financial risk management, profitability management and finance staffing.

Understanding your core financial health and knowing what drives revenue and expense provides the knowledge of managing your profitability.  At JLS Advisory Group, we delve into your data to understand key financial and non-financial drivers of your business.  Gaining a thorough understanding of your business, we tailor recommendations for improving the profitability of your business.  Examples of some of our work includes:

  - Profitability review with key drivers identified

  - Budgeting and forecasting 

  - Report development and training

As healthcare continues to evolve, risk is being shifted throughout the system with government agencies, insurers, accountable care organizations, health systems and providers sharing in risk.  JLS Advisory Group understands assumed risk and creates strategies to mitigate that risk.  For ACOs, health systems and providers, value-based or performance-based reimbursement offers opportunities but has an enhanced level of financial risk.  Our experience with full risk managed care plans benefits our clients.  Examples of some of our work includes:

  - Financial modeling to determine sensitivity and risk

  - Rate negotiations

  - Data analysis (financial and administrative) 

  - Key performance indicator development and reporting


We offer strategic and operational management and financial consultation to transform healthcare by enhancing patient experience, improving population health and reducing healthcare costs.

Finance Operations

​​JLS Advisory Group


With the required level of knowledge and skill to grow within the healthcare industry, organizations often need a higher skill set but are not always financially capable of hiring hiring a full time CFO or the CFO role is vacant and sourcing candidates is problematic. JLS Advisory Group offers outsourced CFO services, building upon a wealth of knowledge of healthcare operations and finance to provide a true partner in making strategic decisions. Additionally, we provide assessments of finance operation process and staff and initial development, recruitment and training of financial operations.

JLS is dedicated to transforming healthcare organizations to transcend the challenges of creating a healthier world.


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