Simplifying the Patient-Centered Medical Home and Patient-Centered Specialty Practice

At JLS Advisory Group, our goal is to simplify the business of healthcare, allowing for doctors and providers to focus on improving the health and wellness of their patients and spend less time with administrative work. Much attention is being placed on being “patient-centered” with an emphasis on managing your patient population to demonstrate better health outcomes, reduce the cost of healthcare and have better patient experience. Shifting the focus of patient engagement and care coordination to the provider is at the heart of patient-centered care. But the business side of this shift makes it difficult for providers to implement to all the requirements embodied in being patient-centered. In addition to current operations and treating patients, practices need to be proficient at : 

    - Collecting and analyzing data
    - Incorporating continuous quality improvement 
    - Integrating care among primary care and specialty care
    - Addressing behavioral health needs 
    - Changing workflows and protocols
    - Shifting the culture of the practice 
    - Demonstrating and communicating positive outcomes 

For many providers this is where the business of healthcare becomes a administrative nightmare. JLS Advisory Group helps you successfully transform your practice to adopt and integrate these changes.

JLS is dedicated to transforming healthcare organizations to transcend the challenges of creating a healthier world.



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JLS Advisory Group

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​​JLS Advisory Group


We offer strategic and operational management and financial consultation to transform healthcare by enhancing patient experience, improving population health and reducing healthcare costs.

Our Services

The services provided are customized to the needs of your practice.  Maybe you have great resources and have successfully incorporated the key elements of patient-centered care.  But for other practices, more support may be necessary. JLS Advisory Group customizes services to your needs and offers a spectrum of services including:

  • Assessing readiness
  • Analyzing gaps
  • Planning project tasks, timing and resources
  • Implementing and/or monitoring project plans
  • Training and education
  • Uploading of documents for NCQA submission
  • Reviewing uploaded documentation
  • Submitting documentation
  • Reviewing results
  • Developing any improvement plans
  • Negotiating for increased reimbursement