We offer strategic and operational management and financial consultation to transform healthcare by enhancing patient experience, improving population health and reducing healthcare costs.

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​​JLS Advisory Group


Meet the founder - Jennifer Ternay

Rising to the challenge

As the founder of JLS Advisory Group, Jennifer Ternay speaks to healthcare organizations and offers a strategic consulting about using a values-based approach to maximize revenues and profits. Clients realize results of improving profitability, addressing staff burnout and engaging patients to create a healthier patient population and enhance the patient experience. With a leadership background in operations and finance, Ms. Ternay listens to clients to understand their issues and assess their needs by diving into the details while balancing the big picture and strategic objectives of the organization. 

With over two decades in the healthcare industry, Ms. Ternay utilizes her healthcare and consulting experience to understand company processes and dynamics, identify opportunities for business improvement and shift strategic direction. Licensed as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and recognized by NCQA as a Patient-Centered Medical Home Certified Content Expert (PCMH-CCE), Ms. Ternay offers a wide level of expertise in transforming operational functions while balancing financial profitability.

She is results-oriented and has a proven record of customer satisfaction that is grounded in her ability to make complex situations understandable to varied audiences.  Ms. Ternay is passionate about delivering results and fostering clients to implement change.

  driving healthcare transformation

JLS Advisory Group is dedicated to transforming healthcare and transcending the challenges of creating a healthier world.

  • Personalized approach
  • Aligned to your business needs
  • Values-driven for results
  • Continuous quality improvement focus
  • Decades of industry experience

The JLS Advantage

The healthcare industry continues to evolve with a greater emphasis on achieving the Triple Aim to:

       - Improve the patient experience of care

       - Improve the health of patient populations

       - Control the rising cost of healthcare​​​

To achieve this goal, we guide healthcare payers, health systems and providers to transform administrative and financial operations to continually improve healthcare.

JLS is dedicated to transforming healthcare organizations to transcend the challenges of creating a healthier world.